Wax services

About our waxing technique, we specialize in using only a high quality hard wax, no strips or papers for any services. Hard wax is designed to adhere only to the hair and not the skin, so it is good for those with most sensitive skin. We are here to make waxing a pleasant experience.


So that your waxing is more effective, I recommend hair to be 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, about the length of grain of rice,  2-3 weeks worth of growth.

No tanning before or after services.

No chlorine pools after services.

Please advise me if you are using any doctor prescribed medications. Retin-A, stop using a week before getting waxed,  also if you have had any resurfacing treatments.

Home care is very important.

Please exfoliate and nourish your skin, with my recommendations this will help ease pain, thin hair and make your waxes most effective.

No bikini services for men.







Organic Facials and Peels

We employ only the latest generation of holistic, natural as possible and organic products with proven effectiveness, and the most contemporary technologies to maximize the results, balance, and revitalize your skin. Every facial starts with an evaluation by a licensed esthetician, to define the optimal individual treatment. This ensures that your specific issues will be fully addressed.



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