Suhana Michaels

“One visit with Cristal will not only change the appearance of your skin but it will change how you view skincare. She is an incredibly gifted esthetician with a deep knowledge and understanding of how the skin works. Cristal has transformed the texture and clarity of my skin from dull and acne-prone to glowing and clear. I have had my fair share of facials at spas and doctor’s offices, but they don’t come close to the level of attention and care that I get at Cristals. She is generous with her time and wise in her advice. She will help you to put your best face forward.”


Lisa Burrel

“We recommend seeing Cristal from at least six months before your wedding day to ensure your skin is looking its very best. Cristal’s facials are entirely bespoke and adapted depending on skin type. We are obsessed with Cristal’s products – if you’re a big fan of the holistic approach to skincare, this could be just the range for you!”
“Thank you so much! I feel my face is plump and gorgeously glowing and my jaw is finally relaxed. So happy to have met you.”


Sandy Cox

“I received a facial by the wonderful Cristal Harkins. It’s all natural and combines a vigorous massage and natural aromatherapy oils, When I left her place my skin was shining and glowing and my cheek bones were 2 inches higher! I definitely recommend it!”


Shemji Doubht

“Cristal has given my skin a new lease of life and I am so glad she is in charge of my face. She understands the physiology of beauty like no one else and I look forward to every single visit. She has transformed my skin from spotty, scarred and blocked skin to a radiance that I never thought could be. I feel so much more attractive and confident now. Cristal you’re brilliant.”


Kim Garth

“Had a fab facial last week, so relaxing and all the natural products smell gorgeous. An absolute treat and very professional. Looking forward to my next one already. Your treatment room is amazing felt like I was in another world. Your natural skincare is the best that I have ever used as my skin feels and looks years younger. “

Catherine Blunt

“Facial washes / moisturizers leave my face either too oily or too dry. I could never find the right mix. I’ve tried everything – from designer expensive to normal high street commercial but I’ve not been truly satisfied… Then Cristal’s serums & cleansers came along! My face has never felt so clean, fresh and healthy before. Perfect!  My searching has finally come to an end. Thank you Cristal.”


Barbara Lopez

“Thank you for bringing to my attention the harmful ingredients in synthetic beauty products and I was shocked when I researched the chemical ingredients in my old creams.I’ve had no more breakouts since using your skincare, I can’t believe how healthy and vibrant my skin looks. I was reluctant to try your products at first as I thought there was nothing better than my Clinique.I was wrong, as I noticed a vast improvement in the condition of my skin after using your creams for a few weeks and thanks for aid me to try them.”


Lupita Sanchez

“I cant believe how much of an improvement I see after one appointment. I just keep thinking ” why did I wait so long to book this appointment”?
 Cristal is very gentle but thorough and I love how honest and knowledgable she is.
Already scheduled my next appointment with her. She is a true pro!!! Thanks Cristal”

“GO SEE Cristal.”


Mary Hastings

“She’ll make the uncomfortable experience of getting your pubes waxed off by a stranger, dare I say, fun? She’s so fun to talk to, you’d swear you’re talking to an old friend. And she’s super efficient!!”


Patricia Scheitz

“Wax on, wax off.  When the skill, speed and gracefulness of a kung fu master is demonstrated by an esthetician, I become a loyal disciple.
Thankfully, my experience with Cristal was far from a nightmare and more like a wonderful dream.  That’s right, ladies, waxing and dream in the same review!  I love Cristal.  She is professional, friendly, adept, and conversational without being annoying.  She is thorough, fast and magically keeps the pain level at a minimum. I can talk without grimacing or pausing while she works, which is saying a lot!  She has great technique and instructs you on a breathing method for the more painful parts. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed while getting waxed. Cristal was very easy to talk to as well. I know she’s good because whenever i’ve gotten waxes from my former waxer my eyes would always tear up and keep flowing until the wax was done but with Cristal there were no tears AT ALL!.”


Lisa Michells

“Cristal is the queen of bikini waxing… even at 8 months prego (part of the go to the hospital prep) she waxed me and it was painless… and so clean. She is the sweetest person and super efficient and professional at what she does and makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed ( relaxed and bikini wax in same sentence.??.. yes it is true!) that before you know it is all over. 
Bring cash for tips…She deserve it.
And be prepared to be tempted with all the cool stuff you can buy there too… I have been going here for a few years and she is consistently awesome!!! you love her.”


Tracy Soffers

“I love everything about the service! I’ve seen Cristal 3 times for eyebrow shaping. She is just wonderful, efficient, quick and professional. Plus, she has never once pressed any extra services or products on me, which I  appreciate. The setting is cozy and welcoming and she is friendly and warm. I highly recommend it!”